Stack Lights

The brewing that I’ve done with my new and improved control panel has been outstanding but I always want it a bit better.

I’ve noticed that when I’m heating strike water, I usually hover around the rig watching the PID’s until the strike water is up to temperature.  I realized that I could be doing something else instead.  I also noted that one of my PID controllers has a hysteresis alarm that I wasnt using. The PID I had on my HLT unfortunately didnt have a hysteresis alarm (SYL-2362) but only the normal alarms, so I ordered up another SYL-2352 to replace it with!  I ordered some stack lights from Ebay for $25 bucks and an ice cube relay in a DIN socket from Amazon for $5 bucks.

If the MLT is out of temperature range then the red light will come on.

If the Timer has timed out, the yellow light will come on.

I need the relay to invert the alarm signal from the PID on the HLT. It closes contacts when it is in alarm – I need it the opposite – I need contacts to close when it’s not in alarm so that the light comes on when the temperature is within the deviation window.