Looking Back on 2017

It’s been a pretty boring year….

We started 2017 with one of the hardest beers I’ve brewed to date!  It was a Sam Adams Boston Lager clone, triple decoction and months lagering.  It turned out pretty good, although I wont be doing a decoction anytime soon.

I then did and seemingly endless string of Hefeweizen, my favorite recipe, for summertime thirst quenching, and ended up finishing up the year with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone, which I havent yet sampled but I’m sure it will be good.  Right about 94 gallons for the year.

I didnt add any new equipment, or any new processes.  I did taste some of my brothers “Sour” blonde ale and that has me thinking…  I may have to make a few changes to make a sour.  It was really good.

The first brew for 2018 may be a hefe again, but the plan is to make a Saison in February – we will see…


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