Safbrew WB-06

Recently I’ve brewed three batches of wheat beer and used three different types of yeast in them!

The first batch I used White Labs WLP300 yeast, which is a hefeweizen yeast in the German style. It produces a banana and clove nose and the yeast does not flocculate well, leaving a cloudy brew.

WLP300 was my favorite yeast for brewing Hefe’s because I tend to prefer the German style banana aroma’s and yeastier taste. Unfortunately if fermentation temperatures are not closely controlled and fermentation gets too warm, the banana esters can overwhelm the senses! My fermentation chamber controls beer temperatures to within half a degree so I was having pretty good luck getting the results I wanted.

The second two batches I produced I used White Labs WLP320 yeast which produces wheat beers in the American style, without the significant banana and clove esters. I believe that this is the same yeast used making Pyramid Hefeweizen, is non-distinct, and very clean fermenting.

This had to be my least favorite yeast but all my friends favorite! It produce a beer that was, to me, nondescript, clean, lacking a nose, needing a lemon, etc. It went down clean and fast but it always needed something to add a little taste. I made my yearly batch of Sekiu Soda with this yeast, as it wont interfere with the raspberry flavors.

The last batch is still in the fermenter but I can tell it’s going to be my favored wheat bear yeast! With this last batch I used Fermentis Safbrew WB-06 and found it delicious! It’s a happy medium between the strong esters of WLP300 and the lack of character of WLP320. It still packs some esters and fermenting bread smell that I really like. Now to have some friends over to taste test!


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