New recipes, new yeast, new new new….

I brewed a new-to-me recipe a few weeks ago, a Blonde Ale called Centennial Blonde.  It’s now sitting in the fermenter waiting for me to fine and prime it.  It had a low OG and didnt take much grain to make but I have a feeling it will be a favorite on a hot summer day.  Tasting it from the test tube, it’s not highly bittered, very light and malty tasting.

With this new recipe comes a new yeast that I havent used before, Nottingham Ale Yeast.  This yeast is supposed to be a beast but I started out fermentation at 62f, keeping diaceytl production low and having a clean fermentation.  I’m also going to try fining each keg with gelatin when I prime them to see how well that works out.

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