The end of the summer of 2015

It’s been a busy summer, filled with Alaskan and Washington salt water fishing, so I’ve been quite busy with boats and fishing gear and haven’t had the time to write much. I’m not much of a writer and owning my own blog has been at times difficult. But the fishing was good, and the brew days were plentiful.

My favorite hefeweizen recipe was brewed four times over the summer, three times for Carbon River Hefeweizen, and once for Sekiu Soda. I took twenty gallons of beer (10 gal Sekiu Soda, and 10 Gallons of Snagtooth Pale Ale) to Sekiu fishing. I came back with seven gallons of the pale ale and probably four gallons of Sekiu Soda, plus a case of Coors Light! (Where did that come from??). I’ve used the same yeast culture on all four batches successfully. I haven’t been “washing” the yeast, only saving the bottom sediment from the fermenter in a gallon growler, cooling it and decanting the clear beer off of it, then putting the yeast in a quart mason jar. Out of a gallon of sediment, I get about two cups of concentrated slurry, easily enough for my next ten gallon batch.

I’ve got mason jars of Nottingham, Hefeweizen, and California Ale yeast, some which have been sitting in the refrigerator since March. I need to make some more Centennial Blonde and hopefully the Nottingham yeast will snap into action. From what I’ve read though, it looks like six months is about the maximum for yeast storage before it should be used or thrown away. Oh well, yeast isnt that expensive.

Maybe I’ll make the Centennial Blond for elk hunting this year, that was a tasty brew!


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